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INFO for Professionals

INFO – Information Needed For Others

INFO is a free resource to the community published monthly by Fredericksburg Counseling Services (FCS). Included in each issue are many of the groups and community trainings available to residents in need. Agencies are encouraged to list in INFO (no charge). A new feature is Agency Spotlight, where an agency can “tell us what we don’t already know” about them. This publication is emailed to more than 300 people in the community who work with the residents in schools, agencies, churches, private practice, etc.

For the full listing of INFO click the link below:

NOVEMBER 2022 Info updates


Medical Disability Resources

Senior Resources

Faith Based Support Groups

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Military Resources



  • Submitting a “Spotlight”:
    The Spotlight pages are your opportunity to brag and share information that we may not know about your work (agency, practice, or group). Few of us really give ourselves credit for all we do. Three or four programs will be featured each month. Come on and put yourselves in the spotlight! Your submission needs to be no longer than one page and needs to be sent to us as a Microsoft Word document. Simply email us at fcsagency@aol.com with your Word document attached. Please read “What to Include in Submission Emails” below for more information about what we need to add your program to INFO’s Spotlight section.
  • Submitting Program Listings (and Additions/Changes):
    Program listings are a great way to access a ton of information very quickly. Whether you are looking for parenting programs, youth activities in the community, or disability support groups there is always something useful in this section on INFO. Please share any community efforts that we may have missed. Feel free to email your changes to fcsagency@aol.com, supplying the name of your program and page number of your listing. You are also welcome to tell us about any program that you do not see on INFO and we would love to add it. Please read “What to Include in Submission Emails” below for more information about what we need to add your program to INFO.

What to Include in Submission Emails:

  • Name of Program
  • Contact phone number of program
  • Contact email address
  • Program location
  • Program participants (adults, children, etc.)
  • Date and time
  • Fee ($5.00, free, contact for more information, etc.)
  • Additional Comments (any other information that you would like to add about the program)