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About Us

Fredericksburg Counseling Services, Inc., (FCS), is a low-cost community mental health clinic.  Eligible clients have no insurance or are underinsured.

UNDERinsured means having some sort of health insurance coverage, which is deemed inadequate due to lack of comprehensive coverage (e.g., no mental health coverage), lack of providers who accept the patient’s insurance, or the insurance plan has high out-of-pocket costs.

Fredericksburg Counseling Services does NOT bill or submit any claim paperwork. All clients, with or without insurance coverage, are self-pay

The standard cost for each  session at Fredericksburg Counseling Services is $20.  This flat fee is to ensure fair an affordable access to mental health care regardless of insurance status or coverage.

If in any way this fee amount becomes a hardship, and income eligibility requirements are met, a fee waiver may be granted. Your services will not change as a result of a fee waiver.