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Mental health is not a flashy issue or one that creates warm and cuddly feelings for a donor.  Yet mental health issues affect one in four people. Depression and anxiety are often the reasons folks cannot keep a job or finish their education.  We must work together because mental and emotional problems affect us all.

2012 has been a year of successes and questions about insurance for clients.  Fredericksburg Counseling Services (FCS) is in need of general operating funds to keep our doors open for residents in need of mental health services.  The National Health Care Act does not mean that the uninsured will have insurance.  Our governor has chosen not to expand Medicaid in Virginia. FCS, being a training site for graduate/post graduate students, means that we can never charge for our services or file insurance.  Virginia state statutes strictly prohibit fees unless the therapist is licensed.  This is why your supporting funds are so important to our Free Mental Health Clinic.

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