Clinically-Based Counseling

What is “clinically based counseling”?
Professionally trained counselors/interns work from a clinically-based model.  These interns are working towards at least a master’s or doctoral degree program in psychology or social work.   This would entail attending a university for six to eight years graduating depending upon the graduate level pursued.  Each is required to complete internships, which let them build on the skills being taught.

Once a person has graduated, they then must complete a set amount of hours to be eligible to take state boards in the discipline in which they majored.  This often takes two or more years of additional client work in the field. FCS provides the venue for this post graduation work to complete on the license track placement.

The FCS Staff Director who is a licensed clinical social worker and often a licensed professional in the community supervises each intern.  Once a week interns have an hour of group supervision.  Each intern at FCS learns about different approaches and modalities in counseling, which gives the intern more ways to deal with a client problem.  The internship is a well rounded training and provides the students with many skills that will be used as they move forward with their career.

Client Eligibility

  • No insurance
  • Falls within 200% Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • Not court ordered


  • None, if eligible for FCS services

Basic Forms of Counseling

  • Individual
  • Adult
  • Children
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups