Counselor Opportunities

Licensed Professional Volunteer Opportunities

Type of Services

  • supervision of graduate student or license track graduate
  • in-service presentation
  • help with mental health screening
  • other educational presentations


  • licensed in given field
  • qualified to provide supervision for graduate student or license track graduate
  • work in a specialized area of mental health/social work to report on

Graduate Student/License Eligible Training

An assessment of needs will be completed for graduate students and license track counselors to evaluate if FCS can fulfill requirements for practicums/internships and license eligible graduates.

Type of services

  • Direct counseling
  • Group facilitator
  • Testing
  • Other


  • Currently enrolled in a Masters or PsyD program for psychology or social work
  • Your school will approve a practicum at FCS
  • Must provide an outline of your school’s requirements for completion of your practicum (number of hours, number of direct client hours, etc.)
  • Provide a copy of your CV
  • Provide evidence of malpractice insurance coverage
  • Interview with Staff Director at FCS

License Eligible Graduates

  • Successfully graduated from a Masters or PsyD program in Psychology or Social Work
  • A copy of your GPA and class work completed
  • A copy of your CV
  • Bring information regarding required number of hours and breakdown of necessary hours to complete License Track work
  • Provide evidence that you are covered by malpractice insurance
  • Interview with Staff Director at FCS

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Types of Services

  • Mental Health Screening at Moss Free Clinic
  • Case Management at Moss Free Clinic
  • Assist in limited groups – co-facilitate
  • Assist in Outreach mental health screenings


  • Presently enrolled at a college as a psychology or social work major
  • A copy of your CV
  • Requirements needed for completion of class work
  • Interview with Staff Director at FCS