About Us

Fredericksburg Counseling Services, Inc., (FCS), is now a FREE MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC.

How many Free Mental Health Clinics are there in Virginia?  Only three.  The other two are on the West Side of the State about 4 hours away.    FCS is the only Mental Health Free Clinic on the East Side of the State.  This expands the visability of FCS in the region.

This is the start of a journey that is just now unfolding.

Our mission is to provide access to counseling and other related services, at no charge, to low income, uninsured residents of our region.

Potential clients cannot have any health insurance including Medicare and Medicaid.

Accomplishments of the past year include:

  • Recognition by Virginia’s First Lady Maureen McDonnell and her Initiative Team Effort (FLITE) Award and receiving the First Lady’s Opportunity Seal of Approval;
  • Completion of a very successful matching campaign raising $82,000 which was generously matched by Ms. Doris Buffett and The Sunshine Lady Foundation;
  • Establishment of the William J. Kinnamon, Jr. Memorial Fund through the Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region to further the services of FCS;
  • Continuing to be a premier training site for graduate and undergraduate interns.  FCS is in its 12th year and remains a highly sought after intern placement with students from 13 esteemed universities.;
  • Worked with 2,500 residents in 2011,and is on track to match this number for 2012;
  • Awarding of a one time grant for $17,656 from the Virginia Association of Free Clinics to support and expand access to mental health care; and
  • Raising $23,000 through our signature event, The Sweet Side of Life with expenses of only $1,500  making it the most successful event ever.